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You can find the information about the canvases, the frames and pricing of each works. 


7,5cm x 7,5 cm Canvas


Preparation of Canvases

   100% linen that’s strong and durable is being used for all my paintings. Depending on the painting I use different texture to enhance the beauty of the oil painting and the composition. The preparation of canvas has 2 main steps. Sizing, Priming.
   Sizing : For sizing, I use rabbit skin glue for sizing.  The sizing seals the canvas and evens out irregularities within the weave of linen fabric, allowing for a more beautiful coat of acrylic gesso on top. The applied glue takes a day to be fully dried.
   Priming : After the sizing process is completely finished, I stretch the sized linen myself on the stretcher bars. Then I apply five to six very thin layers of gesso which depends on the texture of linen. Every layer is being applied on after the previous layer is completely dried and carefully sanded. The whole priming process takes 2 to 3 days to finish.


Preparation of Frames

   All frames are my design. I also prepare all the wooden frames by myself starting from buying woods, and cutting and coloring. Currently there are two types of frames with various colors that is put on as an option when someone wants to buy a miniature oil painting.  For anyone who buys the painting, I will prepare a new frame fit to the painting and send it to you together with the painting.  

   17,5cm x 17,5 cm x 3 cm Frames : This frame is especially designed for miniature oil painting. Currently it's not being sold by itself.

   9 cm x 9 cm x 2.1 cm Frames :  This frame is especially designed for miniature oil painting. It can also be bought by itself with a customised size. Depends on the size the price of frame will change.

mpdfs2022002 bw.jpg
Big Frame (Back).JPG

17,5cm x 17,5 cm x 3 cm Frame (Front & Back)

mpps2021001 sr.jpg
Small Red Frame(Back).JPG

9 cm x 9 cm x 2.1 cm Frame (Front & Back)

My project.png



   The price of each painging is being decided based on the size of painting, cost of materials and most importantly the time that is being spend on preparation of the canvas, frame and painting. 

   Painting Materials: Only artist-grade oil paints which are more durable and are more resistant to fading are being used for each paintings.

   Canvas Materials: Only 100% highest quality of linen is being for each painging. The strechings bars are not handmade. 

   Frame Materials: Pine wood is being used for frames. It’s one of the most durable, affordable and sustainable types of wood available which is also relatively soft and easy to carve. 

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